Sell Customer Satisfaction, Not Products Or Services, and Make Your Business Prosper

Many people today are complaining about shoddy products being sold and of poor services being offered by businesses which do not seem to care, except to make the sale and generate income at customers’ expense.Is your business one of these companies? Are you selling your products or services in a manner that give the customers a reason to complain and stop their patronage? Or is it the other way around, in a fashion that ensures their satisfaction, making them your loyal clients?A company or business that does not know how to take care of its customers will soon find itself on the verge of collapse, as what happened to many other companies in the past.The key is to sell customer satisfaction, not products or services, and make your business prosper. Below are the three proven ways to do it.1. Do not only sell a product or a service; instead, sell the benefits that the product or service provides. Customers buy the product or service not because you sell it to them. On the contrary, they buy because they believe that the product or service can meet and satisfy their needs and wants.2. Sell more than a product or a service. You sell to your customers solutions to their problems. For example, they buy a product or a service (tangibles) because it gives them peace of mind, freedom from want, or the answer to their longings and wishes (intangibles). Always think of what your customers’ needs, and not your own profit.Once your customers are satisfied of your products or services, profit will come to you naturally, as a result. Profit is a reward for doing good to the customers, to the extent that you provide them value for their money, in short, satisfaction.3. Differentiate your business, your products and services from the competition. This is very important. You can differentiate your business, products, and services by developing your own brand and image that set you apart from the competitors. This can be achieved by providing service excellence, being customer-focused, and by developing long-term relationships with the customers.Working hard to satisfy the customers, their needs and wants, takes time, money and effort. But this is the only way to make your business prosper.In the final analysis, without the customers there is no business, the customers being your reason for existence.