What is Best Product Users Or Business Builders When You Grow a MLM?

In your attempt to grow a network marketing business, you are told to get two types of people into your business: product users (the customers) and business builders (your business partners). Often, it is presented as a mutually exclusive option, or put in another way you are told to get one OR the other when you recruit somebody. This way of thinking might make sense on paper; if you want your business to grow you need business builders. How is it the network marketing companies pay their distributors? The consumption of products or services is what allows the companies to cut distributors checks.If you have a huge amount of business builders, but they don’t particularly like the product, hence they don’t consume it. How much money are you making then? You can have 5000 distributors in your downline, but if nobody consumes the product nobody gets paid!When leading with the opportunity as the industry teaches, the majority of distributors quit consuming the product when they realize that they don’t make all the money they thought this opportunity was going to bring them. How do you fix this problem? The answer is simple. Lead with the product or service!This way you will get customer consuming your product or service every single month, and in addition you can offer them the alternative to get the product for free (by offering them the opportunity) or even make money while consuming the product or service simply by sharing it with others. Notice I didn’t say you could in addition show them how to make a million bucks. Help them get the product for free, by helping them make their residual checks bigger than the expenses for their consumption of the product or service. Forget about the hype and your prospects will stick around for a long time.If you lead with your products or services you will not experience the standard attrition rate of 60% in your downline. Your customers will keep coming back for more, because it was the product or service they had an interest for in the first place.